Two-droned Schäferpfeife for Clifford

Material:Plumwood, oiled
boxwood, oiled
black buffalo horn

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A two-droned Schäferpfeife for Clifford. Clifford is really fond of buffalo horn as the Buffalo is a "Sacred Animal" among American Indians.

Some pictures of the pipe, taken while the pipe was still under construction:

The raw wood
required for making
the instrument...
cut and bored.
finished chanter raw finished chanter raw
head piece with mounts
finished chanter raw
bell piece with mounts
finished blowpipe and
stock raws for chanter
and blowpipe
finished bass and tenor
drone stock raws
finished "practice goose" Tenor Drone
finished bass drone
finished instrument finished instrument finished instrument
stocks & mounts details stocks & mounts details bass drone bell
playing the Schäferpfeife

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last modified on 3rd june 2003