Welcome world! This is the

world music
by internet musicians

What if...
...we built up a band...
...by people who've never met?
...playing music on local instruments?
...that the others have never seen or heard of?

Alright, this idea is not new. And we have even met since we first talked about it. More than once. And off course we've talked about our instruments too. We've even played on them, exchanged them. But still it's a nice idea ;-)

If you'd like to join us, provide your own ideas, shock us with a new musical device that we've never heard of before, please drop us a line!

Our tunes:
name of tune origin & instruments mixed wav mixed RA unmixed multitrack file
Fluringenwritten by Pulle / Sweden
dalasäckpipa / dalasäckpipa
Polskaswedish tune caught up somewhere by Thore / Germany (anyone know the tune's name?)
chr. nyckelharpa / härjedalspipa

Last modification: 15. Oct. 1999

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